Investment Strategy

How It Works

Atlantic Screen Media Limited is a discretionary managed portfolio service that uses our expertise to provide compelling investment opportunities that meet the strict EIS investment criteria.

Our service will invest into EIS qualifying companies including comic book companies and music publishing companies. We have chosen companies that we believe are at the forefront of the focused sector that they specialise in.

Comic Books

Our comic books partners provide investors with the opportunity to access IP at the ground floor. Either the IP will be optioned to a third party and produced by them, or the IP can be produced by company’s executive team. In either case the initial investors have the opportunity to participate in the financing of these properties and reap the benefits from the Film, TV and Game properties themselves.

Music Publishing

Our music publishing company is responsible for creating, protecting, administering and monetising rights in musical compositions on behalf of musicians, songwriters and composers. Music publishing royalties are the revenues due to the creator of that underlying intellectual property and are generated from a number of sources.

The proportion of funds invested in each underlying company will be determined at the discretion of the Investment Consultants and will be dependent on the amount of funds raised from outside investors.